Why am i here (earth)?

I always wonder why i am here (earth) and what is the purpose of life. I am not able to reason out and satisfy that i am living for any purpose and for being in this earth justified. Every time something happens it turns out mind playing vicious game to bring me down or feel like others are against me for some reason and not able to fight back. Some monster living inside me always not letting me experience what others does. Anyone on same boat?

I don’t why I’m here either, but it feels so real to me, I figure it must be important that I try to hold on as long as I can!

@sriharryster I think your med is not working,
off meds I thought someone is persecuting me,like you wrote exactly,
on olanzapine I am still not able to function but at least I have peace of mind.

@Erez_Shmerling I am off meds for sometime now. Nothing works. :slight_smile: I am going to take before the episode happens.

I love you @sriharryster I wish you peace, may you be able to relax one day and have peace.


Hope is the things with feather that perches
in the soul and sings the tune without words

  • Emily Dickinson (I am a big fan of her)
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Love you too @Erez_Shmerling Thanks!!! Peace :heart: