Why am I always Cranky?

Almost every morning I am so cranky I can not just feel ‘okay’ :frowning:

I just ate a bit and took my L Theanine :thinking: I just don’t like it that I have to eat with it. :frowning:
Maybe I can start preparing shakes at night again so it’d be a lot easier. Then I can start taking a higher dosage.

I hope my doc calls me today. I need to make a quick appointment by 31st of August.

Maybe what I have also is a form of Akathisia ? I move and make circles with my fingers ?! also my wrists hurt sometimes and my shoulders? I am just very cranky and grumpy.

I am starting exercise soon so looking forward for that and hopefully I can also manage to lose more weight. It has been very slow by far.

I’ve never eaten with it. I take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

As for being cranky, I feel hungover in the mornings and am quite cranky as a result too.

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really the packaging says I have to eat with it :frowning: Anyway in 2 weeks I will order the Suntheanine option :slight_smile:

Yeah I am cranky and annoyed from myself and my surroundings.


That’s actually how I feel. It just ruins your day. It gets better as the day goes on though.

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