Why am I always afraid

I don’t believe it’s paranoia it’s more excessive worry about things. Eg. I can’t go on holiday with my brother as he refused to take out proper insurance. He’s gonna die there mum will have to pay she’ll get bankrupt paying for him if something happens there etc etc

This sounds like a panic disorder. Catastrophizing is a real issue there.


Anxiety kept me from enjoying life for a long time. Today I have less anxiety and I feel much better.

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Yes I take it to an excess but my brother has real issues he’s not addressing like drinking way too much and high blood pressure

Did you take meds for it? Because anxiety stops me doing a lot as well.

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I understand that. I was always worried after diagnosis that my father was going to die because he lived an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, he did die of brain cancer around 18 months after I was diagnosed. He did nothing to prepare the family for this besides a wallet with a bit of cash in it. It was very traumatizing to take care of him and all of that but we managed to handle it.
I’m with you on the insurance. But that could just be my disorder identifying.

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I Ativan then Klonopin and later Diazepam. I stopped taking anti anxiety meds this year and I feel the same. I don’t know how much it helped.


I have this too. I think it’s like 10 percent of the population like this.

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