Why am i a hated gamer?

Hey im not stupid. i can see u dont like me around, either ur trying to hit on me as if im emo style, i dont know how to explain, is it cause of my race? is it cause i have no gf? why dont i fit in, soon as i hop in a game of league of legends whilst voice chat it seems im hated, im not stupid i can feel the in direct bullying. UGHh ■■■■ EVERYTHING


I haven’t played League of Legends much. I couldn’t get it to run on my pc a few years back. I have heard the community in many MOBA style games can be pretty toxic. Don’t let it get to you and try not to take it personally, sometimes people are really rude online in video games but remember, they don’t know you personally and you don’t know them so who cares what they say, don’t let the jerks push your buttons.

Mate all gamers are toxic I hate anyone I play with then they grow on me and we become good friends, don’t get paranoid man fvck em r u on euwest?

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@gamter Which games have u played recently…???

Online gaming is a place where people sort of let loose and act crazy, hostile and/or like retarded armchair generals. You must embrace your inner nerdrage and let it flow forth and into the gaming cosmos. Just say the craziest, most nonsensical crap you can think of, in a demented, angry voice, into your mic and you will be making friends in no time.

an online game should be fun. if voice chatting or listening to people on voice chat is not fun, then don’t do it. It’ll most likely just ruin your gaming experience. real-life cultural and racial discriminations are bad enough to deal with. trust me…

It’s quite easy to not be judged on your real-life physical features or background, in a video game; unless you tell people too much information about yourself.

I usually mute everyone…lol…mouthy little shits…it blows my concentration when I’m getting my ass handed to me and then its an 11 year old who has yet to meet puberty…who’s parents should be ashamed of their child’s mouthiness… Lol


think you got it wrong… it’s your schizo voices merging with other people voices in chat; something am quite familiar with, especially in GTA Online. 2 years back when my schizo was at its peak, every time I play GTA Online - i’d here the people literally talking about me in a direct way… literally couldn’t differentiate or tell someone what they were saying, cause I’d be hearing my own completely different language where everyone knows about me from my schizo perspective. Heck, most memorable one was when they were discussing whether I’d become a bum (homeless guy :P) … and serious stuff, reached a point where I’d have to mute the volume just to kill guys in peace. But it wasn’t really them talking… cause the cops on their radio would also be discussing stuff just like them (especially while doing final bank heist).
But that stuff stopped… did some extreme fasting to extent am no longer bothered by them - play GTA Online on regular basis and am yet to hear them talk like before.

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sad times to think about it… cause it was something that was quite common every time I walk outside - have no idea how I made it past that without questioning the people talking. Random people outside would just say regular schizo stuff while am walking past them, even friends visiting would be talking like the GTA guys while am standing right next to them… I would always just act like nothing was going on, but at end of most conversations, I’d have no idea what was being said - cause I’d just be hearing my schizo stuff coming from their lips… voice chats just like it - just over the internet. So probably best to ignore those feelings from voice chats
Funniest one was my cousin… he had called me to invite me to some event… when I answered the phone - all I had was my schizo voice telling me not to go outside, something about the security guard planning on doing something to me:D , after he finished talking, I just said ok and hang up the phone . (was his voice talking… could hear him speaking clearly, but what I was hearing from him wasn’t him talking - was the schizo voice. Till today, I don’t know what he told me during that conversation… was same like GTA Online / voice chat. He probably thought I hang up on him lol, but truth, I didn’t hear a single thing he was saying - I was just hearing part of my regular schizo voices.

But these voices can be tricky at time… you have to be vigilant and not rely on your emotions to interpret them… back in my schizo insanity days, I decided to stay at a friends house after constantly hearing my siblings talking same way like the schizo voices from people s lips. After 2 days at my friends house, I decided to call home - while talking over the phone, I started speaking in my head saying should I come home? kept saying it over and over… then out of nowhere I hear my little sisters voice over the phone saying don’t come home (wasn’t a head voice, was voice you’d hear while talking over the phone … keep in mind my little sister was on 5 years old at the time. Guess it’s all about us, so don’t stress over it.

I remember trying to get into DOTA when I was playing warcraft 3. Everyone was a total ■■■■■■■. Even the people on your team would badmouth you and leave the game if you weren’t really good at it. If you were caught downloading people would just boot you. I just mentioned that because league of legends comes from that game. The people on league of legends might be pretty bad too. So you shouldn’t let it get to you. If you really want to play then play and ignore them. Me personally I didn’t really like the game that much so I just quit. Seriously though one of the most toxic communities that I ever played in. But then again I haven’t played things like halo and call of duty online but I don’t know how those are.

I find it hard explaining gaming to non gamers