Why Alphabet, Amazon and Apple are all working on diabetes tech

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I may have been one of the people that was at a high risk for diabetes. Not anymore thankfully. If I did have it though I would want an apple watch to tell my blood sugar.

I knew a lady with diabetes and bi-polar disorder, which may have been self diagnosed. She drank a ton of soda a day not even the diet kind. I thought that was the opposite of what you should be doing.

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There was a guy at my day program who was Type 2 diabetic and would always be eating candy and regular sodas. He didn’t show up at the program for a couple of days about 2 months ago…they found him dead in his apartment from diabetic coma. I’m assuming he didn’t check his sugar levels regularly either. I wonder if he would have done it more often if he had some of the new technology available now.


I’m diabetic and haven’t checked my blood sugar levels in weeks.
I’m going to check it today.

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