Whos your idol?

Bob Ross and RuPaul.

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Yeah lol. I could sing - but it wasnt upto “catherdral Standards” lol. The voice went soon as it broke lol.

When i was still at the church choir, i used to get paid 30 quid for singing at weddings and 60 quid for singing eulogys at funerals lol. Hated the funerals - as a boy i felt uncomfortable seeing all the people crying.

Cant sing for toffee now - years of smoking and drinking has knackered my vocal chords.

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My idol is my Mother.
She passed away from advanced dementia last September.

I love her so much.


Fun fact, Bob Ross never sold his paintings…


I really look up to Ajahn Brahm. He’s a buddhist monk who films his talks and puts them on youtube, and he has a very calming and relaxed demeanor. Seems very wise.

I also look up to the singer-songwriter Gregg Alexander, he’s written a lot of good songs, and his voice is so raw and honest.


Deepak Chopra and Louise hay .

Maybe Dalai Lama but I am not a Buddhist but I believe in lightwork unlike morgue who I digg but don’t agree with.

I have no idols.
But I like the way Rafael Nadal plays tennis, and the way Magnus Carlsen plays chess.

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having idol is great, chess24 find idol that inspires you, its good to have idol to look up too. You must have one. Rafael Nadal is great tennis player.

All time Confucius, current Idris Elba, he’s a great actor and a wicked house dj.

Billy Eichner is ■■■■■■■ incredible. From Billy on the Street to his performance in American Horror Story, he’s a real gem!

He was also the voice of Timon in the new Lion King.

I thought the title said who’s your idiot lol.

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Ugghh I was too lazy to wakeup early and go.

My idol is Donal trump. I hope one day to become a hardcore recist just like him. Im practicing my hate speech


My idol would be Dan Gable. He is a wrestler who dominated the international competition in the '72 Olympics the same way he dominated the collegiate competition at home. No one scored a point on him. None of his matches were even close.

Great directors and care workers and some others.

Not mentioning names I’m not good with names on this level of consciousness.