Who's watching the football (soccer) European cup?

Quite enjoying it. I lost the World Cup to clonazepam so am making the most of this tournament.


Lol! What do you mean you lost the world cup to Cloneazapam?

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His pdoc had him on waaaay too much klonopin he doesn’t even remember the World Cup of all times to be over prescribed klonopin it had to be during the wc!

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Was on 4mg 3 times a day. A ridiculous dose. Basically can’t remember 6 weeks of my life.

Wow! I didn’t realise you were on it before. That’s a mega dose.

Yeah my family doctor prescribed it. Isn’t used that much in the uk so he probably didn’t have a lot of experience with it.

You know I am, though Í did not see every whole match so far… Poor Enlgish in their typical tournament-performance! I will catch up on tonight’s game after the break.

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The English football team are masters of imploding when â– â– â– â–  matters.

Don’t know what side to believe in regards to the hooligan violence.

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