Who's the friend?

So I’ve know the idea was off for awhile,
but there is like a weird outlook on life when you have this idea of a force in your head. (Another person you could say)

Like walking around with a idea of some type of force, the good and the bad ----- with it or battling with it, correcting or whatever.

Like a conjoined fetus, when reality is not this introspective of sorts, quite frankly its just smooth sailing in your head without even such a thought of a force, just good old first person perspective and not this weird disintation of reality.
Where not even talking about what is real or not, delusional or rational etc

Looks like the idea of sickness in the head
or things being vile or like pigs and denying/denial is the reason for it all, and i guess you just have to wake up from the whole story.

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you mean duality?