Who's taking Vraylar? Is it working for you?

My doctor is switching my meds. Abilify is causing weight gain, so she’s weaning me off of abilify and switching me to Vraylar. Who’s taking Vraylar? Is it working for you?

Vraylar may as well have been a tic tac for me. It is a weak antipsychotic designed to treat bipolar mania, not schizophrenic psychosis. That said, I imagine it works for some schizos. I hope it works for you too.

A tic tac? Lol… How many milligrams were you on?

Yes, they’re these tiny, pill-shaped “mints” that they sell in the US. It’s literally just a dyed sugar pill.

I’m pretty sure I was on four milligrams per day.

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I take Vraylar in conjunction with my main anti-psychotic, latuda. It works well for me, and helps with anxiety and depression

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