Whos on invega sustenna? Please give details

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I take 117mg of Invega Sustenna(monthly) and 1.5mg of the pill(daily). I have some slight paranoia and psychosis. I tried to go off of it and switch to Abilify, but I relapsed.

I take 234 mg/ml of invega sustenna. But I’ve only been on it a month. My hallucinations are gone, but I’m still paranoid a little. And I don’t know if it’s the medication but I’ve been very depressed lately so I had to go back on a low does of zoloft. So I hope that helps. I have bipolar disorder too, so I have to be careful with antidepressants, but I’m on a mood stabilizer too.

I haven’t had any worse memory issues than usual. I actually have been sleeping better. And my thinking has been better. But all people are different. So don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work for you.

I was on 78mg of invega. Got rid of my positives. Didnt make me feel good mentally. No emotion, bad negatives, inflated my ego instead of my self esteem. I wouldn’t recommend invega unless other drugs dont work for you. I’m now on latuda starting to feel better.it doesnt improve memory problems either. Try sarcosine or fish.oil for that.

I’m on Invega sustenna and it took 3 weeks to settle me down after the first 2 shots. The only thing that sucks is the negative symptoms that I get. So indifferent and unable to feel anything.

I’m on 117 mg Invega Sustenna plus 1.5 daily pills. It has cleared up the psychosis but I have mouth quivering and anxiety because of it.

I’m on 156 mg/ml of invega sustenna. I’ve heard bad things about it but I actually love it so far. I’ve been on it two months, it completely got rid of positive symptoms. It cleared my thinking, increased my motivation and helped with depression.

Fried my brain seriously no joke

I swear i nearly died on this med

What symptoms did it cover?


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