Who's in therapy?

Who here gets therapy? Does it actually help you, and what do you do during sessions?
I’ve been seeing my therapist for a couple years now but most of the stuff we’ve worked on was PTSD with EMDR and some CBT. She doesnt have a lot of experience with schizophrenia though a d now that I have it therapy feels like a waste of time. I’m wanting to try a new therapist. But I dont know if it will even do much.

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I see a therapist. I used to see a psychosis expert, but since I’ve been stable for a few years, I switched to a trauma and anxiety expert. She’s brilliant, and gives me lots of homework. I’m basically taking a three credit course in how to be a functional person.


I went to a therapist for a couple months and he acted like I made him uncomfortable and he would always ask me at the end
“So do you need to come?”
So I let him go, and have a appt with a new psychiatrist in the 4th and hoping it will go well because if it doesn’t my insurance won’t pay for any other one so I’m kinda nervous about meeting him and trusting him enough to talk
I always think their going to put me away. It’s very nerve wrecking to start with a new one I hope you find one that is tailor made for you


I go to group therapy for people who hear voices.
The goal of the group is not to become voice-free, but to learn to live with the voices. It has helped me have less voices, and become less reactive towards the voices. They don’t upset me as much anymore.


A good therapist can help but a bad therapist can do damage.
I’m in the process of seeing a new therapist.


I have one-on-one therapy and various group therapies I go to. Most of the group therapies involve substance abuse. In the one-on-one we talk about what I am doing and what would be the best thing to do.

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I need a group therapy for social skills. I’ve lost most of my ability and desire to socialize in person I

I go to vent and learn more coping mechanisms. Shes normally pretty good. Mine is very casual and understanding. Sometimes we argue but I think thats just the nature of things. She’s helped me fact check quite a bit. I appreciate her very much.


I will be starting at some point. It’s because of my sex drive and i think I’m possibly asexual. I’m a bit nervous about it but it needs to be discussed cause it’s interfering with my relationship.

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I’ve been seeing a therapist for a few months
She is quite helpful
We set goals and talk about voices etc
It’s good to get support however the therapy might finish

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