Who's having a hard time

Any tips on being positive through a hard time

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Thank you for the song

How I stay alive: this too shall pass this too shall pass

it all always changes, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but it changes


I have 4 reasons to survive (in order, too):

  • I HAVE to see the singularity (estimated to happen in 2045)
  • I’m the only person my mom can really feel comfortable around. Her parents are strange, she has to walk on eggshells around them. Her husband was a forced marriage, but he’s an amazing man, and she agrees, but he might be autistic: he doesn’t understand social ques, and he has no concept on how to communicate. He’s a very quiet man. Also her sisters are crazy, and her only other child is aggressive, self-centered, and disrespectful. He tortured me as a child and young adult. I tell friends and they just say that it’s normal sibling rivalry. NO :expressionless:
  • Love/future love. I fell and am still in love with a man from the summer of 2013, and in October of that year, I was diagnosed schizophrenic.
  • Poetry; I write a lot of it, I’ve gotten a lot of them published in my college’s creative magazine that they release every semester. I feel I might contribute to society in some way.

Honestly, measure your values, and find reasons to live in hard times.

For instance, start with values and passions. I’m very passionate about psychology, the future, and nature. All three will actually be woven together in the future, and this makes me so excited to see the future. Or I’m so worried my mom won’t last without me, etc.


This too shall pass I like and use a lot.

There can be long periods of time between them for me but a good conversation even over the phone about my friend’s conspiracy theories, even that can get me through a day.

My cat. Though we mainly ignore each other, he’s someone to say hello to when I come home and wake up next to unless he’s found some other place to sleep, and when I he’s in a good mood and getting a belly scratch his purr always brightens my mood.

Don’t think too much about what’s causing the hard time. Like I have severe phobias and anxiety about people and public places but often you’d never know that as I just in a way just disregard what’s making me anxious and wanting to curl up and die, just as if it isn’t a problem.

Distractions. For me lately it’s been a video game or a documentary, seriously if I can kill an hour just watching a documentary on the couch I’m good for a while.

I also think of myself as a lone tree (I have a photo of one posted on my FB) growing where seemingly nothing could grow but not only hanging on to life but maybe even thriving.

These are my positive ways of dealing with my rough time (you have no idea) neither do I, but it’s an awful experience. Hope you’res is going better than mine.

I’m having a hard time at the moment. This thread is good, I hope more people post ideas on how to get/stay positive.

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Keep busy. Try to be around people who you can trust. Treat yourself to something fun i.e. a movie, a nice meal at a restaraunt or at home. Take walks. These things will give you a little enjoyment and distract you and take the edge off of facing life and it’s difficulties. Bad times are inevitable but you can get through them.


Thanks @star just know you’re not alone

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be kind to yourself – eat good healthy satisfying meals you enjoy, wear comfy or favorite clothes, rest if you need to

it’s going to be ok. I say or think this back at critical voices when things get tough: it’s going to be ok.

“you’re a horrible person” they say, and I say, “maybe, but things are going to be ok”

“you’re a failure” “sometimes, but it’s still going to be ok”

“you’re worthless” etc. “that’s a hurtful opinion and it’s going to be ok”

it’s not ok right now but it will be someday, maybe soon

just keep swimming

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