Who's happy taking their meds?

  • I’m happy taking meds
  • I’m not happy taking meds
  • Sometimes happy
  • Other No Opinion

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I’m happy taking meds. I get paranoid, delusional, and hallucinate without them. I am really miserable then.


I’m happy with my meds and am thankful I have them. They help me.


Glad to hear it. Same here.

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I am glad. They keep me out of the hospital. :shark::shark::shark:


Thanks GrayBear.

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With Or Without. That’s What The Fighting’s All About. (Pink Floyd). Syd Barrett*

If You Would’ve Asked Me 6 Years Ago, I Would’ve Given You An Endless List As To Why The Professionals Are Trying To Control A Small, But (Ever Increasing), Percentage Of The Population.

Now…, First Thing I Do After I Wake Up Is…, Take My Morning Med’s.

And…, The Certain Thing I Do After It Gets Dark Is…, Take My Night Med’s.

Here, Sitting In My Apartment, After Losing My Entire Family In A Couple Short Years. . .

I Well…, Am Thankful.

There’s No Telling What Could’ve Happen To My Safety or Someone Else’s Safety If I Kept Fighting People Who Were Looking Out For Me. Although, It Hasn’t Been Perfect. And I Have Met Some Slightly Delusional People Themselves Along The Way. I Honestly Feel Great. . .

I Still Get Frustrated. And Annoyed At Odd Nonsense. But!, As My Dad Would Say, “that’s life.”

Although, I Always Wondered (After He Would Say That), Why Don’t People Try To Make It Better?.

Instead Of Jus Shrugging Their Shoulders, Scratching Their Heads, And Walking Away.

Sadly It Splits…, Like A Snakes Tongue. In The End, It’s Either Peace Or Pain. . .

Depending On The Life Decisions You Make.

So Yup!, I Get Along With My Med’s And The Universe Jus Fine. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) (0.3) (0.4)

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I finally found the antipsychotic for me and I love it…generic prolixin…fluphenazine…never change it probably…

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I’m way less delusional and stuck in my head on 40 mg Latuda, 4.5 Vralyar, and 120 mg of cymbalta. First time ‘working’ in 12-15 years.


I can’t think straight with medication, i get easily convinced to do things which aren’t in my favour. Its like pouring cocacola in a computer. Well, either i take medication or i get beaten by the nurses.

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Truth be told. I rarely take my medication, I’m waiting for cariprazine/Vraylar because I’ve heard it is good for cognition. I need that.

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I’m happy with my meds.
No side effects, no positive or negative symptoms. Slight sedation for the first few hours, but I take it when I go to bed, so I don’t mind.

I lost a lot of weight after I switched meds, I’m more alert and feel more alive


I love what Geodon and Seroquel do for my head, but they weaken my body, and they make it harder to exercise. Sometimes, if I accidentally miss my dose of Buproprion I get really depressed.

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I don’t know if “happy” is the right word. I am grateful that they keep me from being in the hospital and homeless but happy not really.


I take about 11 different meds. Not all are for schizophrenia. I have my morning meds and my night meds.

I’ve always been med compliant. I just hate the act of having to remember to take them and I really hate refilling my two weekly pill reminders once a week. I don’t know why I hate it so much. I just do.


I am rattling.

Cutting Abilify out today

Hope there is no withdrawal

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Thanks @77nick77 @Joker

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With Or Without. That’s What The Fighting’s All About. ( Pink Floyd ). Syd Barrett*

Try to realise it’s all within yourself
No one else can make you change
And to see you’re really only very small
And life flows on within you and without you

Lol, it sounds like an attack but it ain’t. I just really like this song by the Beatles.

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I am happy for them but they do have drawbacks and caused me other health problems

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It’s OK. I mean, at least I’m not out of it.

But having said that it is also horrible

So will consider tapering off under pdoc supervision.

If I relapse if I come off, then I might just accept meds for life and become one with that idea, ie content.

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I’m glad that they prevent psychosis, but they could definitely be better. For instance, I feel that I have lost a lot of my personality. I’m not as quick or witty on them, and I am much less interested in the world around me. It’s because they are sedatives I guess.

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