Who's had Covid? - Poll

I’ve done 2 similar polls before. I like to do them every once in awhile to see if anything has changed. More than likely, more have experience it now. I’m curious to see how many have avoided it like I have.

Have you had Covid yet?
  • Yes, Ive had Covid
  • No, I have not
  • I’m not sure/May have had, did not get tested.

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Where does asymptomatic fall under ?

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If you got tested and had Covid, I think it still falls under “yes, I’ve had Covid”


Myself and my parents have not had Covid-19 since this all began

I do sometimes think we may have had it, but if one had it we all had it.

Pretty sure that out of the three of us someone would have had symptoms enough to get tested

But no, to the best of my knowledge I have never had it

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Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not very nice though and count my blessings I was okay

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Qwertle had it. And I can’t be too sure whether or not I had it. I didn’t test. We were around him all the time and I did get I’ll but I don’t think it was covid looking back.

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Test came back negative but my taste and smell were gone for several days. Also extreme fatigue. I voted yes.

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When I got very Ill my partner came to see me , and on that same day he tested positive for covid. We spent the whole day together… I tested negative after that. I think I must have had it way before.

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I haven’t gotten it… yet …

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I’m unvaccinated and never got tested, so no clue. I didn’t have any symptoms all this time, except maybe a minuscule bit of throat ache once. I’m not nervous about Covid at all for myself, although I’ve been rather careful with vulnerable others. Here, all rules have disappeared, nobody talks about it anymore and I haven’t heard of anyone getting ill with it in a long time. I’m happy. I hope autumn will still be good.

I went about an hour or two without taste and smell and my friend and I both got sick with malaise and low grade fevers with chills. But it only lasted a day or two, so, very mild, and we didn’t get tested. We’re both up to date now with vaccines and boosters.

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