Who's going to lead one's life?

Okay, I think I have came across a useful thought. Please tell me if it makes sense to you.
During our childhood, we were doing fine until at one stage where puberty was approaching, the turning point, we felt lost. It was the decisive point as to “who’s going to lead one’s life?” The sound mind (reasoning, discerning), or the figurative heart (feeling). I bet at that moment if the heart won over the mind, the heart took charge. If the mind was strong enough, he can won over her, the heart, and that was where the mind lead one’s life. No delusion, no hallucination. No fatigue.
I personally woke up after reading news on gang-stalking. For schizophrenic, I believe I had been trapped within my mood swing. You could not tell the straight thinking to follow that moody feeling. You could, however, tell the emotion to follow whatever popping up in the head.