Who's from Canada here

I live in Canada . In Alberta. In a real shitty small city with about 700 sz. Most of them are f*cked in the head from street drugs. Well I don’t know about most, but lots. Only reason I know there’s 700 sz in this city is I went to a meeting and this head nurse who’s like 65 predictions that

Fellow Albertan. Living in town of about 2700 people. Statistics say about 27 should have SZ. Formerly lived on an acreage outside a hamlet of 23 people (mostly inbred, I suspect).


I am currently watching a series on Netflix, called Heartland.

It is a Canadian TV series and takes place in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada - the scenery is spectacular!

I have friends in calgray albertA, I THOUGHT IT WAS A NICE CITY, NICE FRIENDLY PEOPLE.

I have relatives in Canada. :slight_smile:

I have relatives living in different places in Canada.

Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, etc…

I visited Montreal and Quebec City in my youth I loved it there.

Really beautiful country.

I have been in Canada twice, once on vacation and once on a business trip. I liked Quebec City.

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