Who's doing better than they used to?


I remember a few key members used to write pick me up threads saying how sz is not the end. Life gets better. If you’re in a bad place now just wait and take it one day at a time.

Here’s to things getting gradually better over time. And thanks to everyone in the forum who writes those threads for us who need to hear them. Not this one, this one is shite. But good ones, surely you know what I mean.


I’m doing tons better than a few months ago, thanks to a certain exercise involving putting your head below your centre of gravity so that blood rushes into it. That pretty much cured my chronic, debilitating headaches. Also taking Niacin with my antipsychotic, so my voices are 99.9% muted. It’s getting to where even if I want to talk to the voices, I can’t.


I came here with no idea what was ahead. I stayed and played and learned some things about treatment and recovery.

Yes. I’ve grown older and I wish I adopted this stuff earlier…but that is life. Take meds. Exercise more. Be happy. Don’t be sad. Never start a land war in Asia.

Yes. I’m doing better than I used too!


I’m doing way better than I did when I was first diagnosed.
Back then, I was abusing drugs. I was sleeping all day, never cleaned up, kept getting food poisoning symptoms from badly prepared food, and I had vivid voices that I felt kept taking over my body.
I had to live in a group-home with personnel around 24/7 and they had to watch me clean up and repetedly remind me to take showers.

Today I’m well-medicated. I live on my own, I maintin personal hygiene and good kitchen hygiene, I have a weekly cleanup schedule that I follow, and my voices are just background noise.
I’m also drug-free.

I had to work hard to get to where I am today, and some might say I could have worked harder, but I took it at my own pace and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.


Good girl! Rooting for you!


@rogueone, you are nice gentleman.


I can’t say my life is better. But not worse


I was happier like 15 years ago, at that time I was brainless working from one job to the other like a roused chicken.


Well, I’m doing about 253 times better now at age 57 than I was when I first got diagnosed at age 19.

Any day I am not smoking crack and not in the hospital is a good day.

Hell, I’m the paranoid schizophrenic of 38 years cruising home from work in my nice car listening to the Beatles and enjoying the 74 degree weather. It’s like a joke that I’m not locked up in a hospital somewhere. Yeah, it’s like a joke but a very, very, very, very good one.


I guess I’m doing better mentally, but physically I’m a wreck.


I’m stable. Found a decent medication. Only took 5 years.


no, I was addiction free for several times in my life,

but not now. I’ve had way too many setbacks.


I’m doing a lot better than I was a year ago. I’m stable, don’t hallucinate, voices are like background noise, not delusional, I take regular showers, maintain my hygiene, don’t talk to myself, overall I’ve been stable for almost a year.
My depression has subsided as well and my mood is stable. My sleep has improved even though I’m usually sleeping 12 hours a day but I feel well rested when I wake up.

I also walk 30 minutes everyday to keep myself fit and all the weight I gained I’ve lost most of it. Went from 183 - 184 lbs to 165 lbs which took time. I’m a lot slimmer and leaner but I feel healthy. Most of all I’ve been working as a cashier for almost a year now and making a little bit of money and make sure that I try to stay active and busy.

I keep my mind working and active by learning languages, listening to podcasts, watching tv shows and anime and reading as well. I dress nice everyday and make sure I’m smelling good everyday. My energy levels used to be very low and I was always feeling fatigued and I figured out by drinking apple cider vinegar my energy levels have stabilized as well.

I post on this website as well to share and motivate people to hang in there and to know things do get better with time as long as you stay active towards you recovery and keep pushing.


I can’t say if I am better or worse. Sometimes I tell myself I am doing much better because I’m not in hospital anymore, I take my meds, I don’t make decisions I’m ashamed to say out loud but then my husband reminds me to shower fairly often, sometimes I go an entire week without washing dishes or I’ll use disposables and when I said I’ve been stable for a whole year my husband said no I haven’t. Maybe I just don’t notice. Maybe it’s just a process and every good day counts no matter how many bad ones are in between.


Impressive. Wish I could do all that.


I’m doing better than a year ago. A year ago I was depressed and unmotivated to do much more than play video games and I was washing a lot less. And before then I was severely delusional and in a mental hospital for 4 months. I was fixated on voices all day and just doing everything I could do to get out . Now I’m in school, programming much better , maintaining hygiene, making music daily as well as doing light exercise daily. Although I wish I was just working in programming already, I’m not doing as bad as I was before. I still deal with depressive symptoms but they aren’t as bad by a large margin


I’m doing a lot better not 100% but feeling more enjoyment in life
Looking more hopeful


I’m doing better in some ways. I’m looking at some things with hope.


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