Who's diagnosis should I trust?


Who provides a more accurate diagnosis a therapist or psychiatrist? I have been seeing a therapist longer but saw a psychiatrist only three times. I don’t know who to believe.


In my country (USA), only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis.


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What diagnosis do you have currently?


In the U.K. you get diagnosed by a wider-team of professionals - including OT’s - led by a psychiatrist is how I think it works. I was too out of it for a couple of years after to remember what happened or how or why I got diagnosed. Everything was a bit of a mess.


I see a clinical psychologist, who can diagnosis. She knows me better than maybe anyone, and I trust her opinion more than any pdoc cause i trust her.


Schizoaffective bipolar type by psychiatrist and schizophrenia by therapist. A nurse practitioner also said schizophrenia. I have had mood swings from depression and back to normal in the past and I think the psychiatrist has more experience in his field.


I don’t think in my country a therapist can diagnose people, only psychiatrist s


My PhD therapist diagnosed me with bipolar but my psychiatrists diagnosis is of more value.
My psychiatrist diagnosed me with SZA as well.


Psychiatrist. I don’t think therapists should be allowed to diagnose. I don’t take diagnoses from therapists seriously.


In my opinion the fact that physical causes like epilepsy need to be excluded to make a diagnosis no therapists diagnosis can be valid.


Definitely listen to the psychiatrist. I’m diagnosed sza by everybody. Although the VA has my official diagnosis as schizophrenia, residual type. And, I think that is pretty accurate too. My latest pdoc diagnosed me sza.


In my counrty therapists are not diagnosing…they are just for emotional venting.


Thanks for the help everyone. I think I am more inclined to trust the psychiatrist opinion even though I only saw him three times because he has years of experience. I see a nurse practitioner and therapist that have seen me longer but they have less experience.