Whom can tell me

How did I survive a drug O.D. on Propranolol 120 mg ?
Was it just an act of a high being or was it a need for me to still be here ?
How come my gal loves me so much when she doesn’t love herself ?

It’s easy to find something divine when you don’t know how to search for something physical. I’ve survived ods without medical intervention. I always assume I didn’t do it right before I profess divine intervention.

People “love” others as a way of giving what they want in return. If she doesn’t love herself, that’s a red flag. Expect her expectations to be wild and unreasonable.

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I survived a 30 day supply of max dose Latuda. I was in the ICU. But I survived. I don’t know why we do, we just have to be thankful that we have a chance to live right and enjoy our loved ones.

Your gal not loving herself is a hard one. That’s a big problem. You’ll just have to love her extra I guess to show her the way.

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