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I find it so interesting that as schizophrenics we tend to believe things that are not true but also on the other hand, regular a** people believe in god (no offense if you’re religous) or all these impossible conspiracy theories. The average person is delusional as well.

When delusions turn into psychosis that’s the problem

This thread is gonna get locked.
Religion exists since the beginning of human race.
It’s a deep need

2000 years ago people believed they were the sons of gods…

Even after being beaten and tortured, they STILL believed they were the sons of gods…

Shows how powerful delusions and mental problems can be…


‘This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!’

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Yea I forget the rules sometimes :expressionless:

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Man I love that movie


So true - i find it interesting that i can develop delusions…but at the same time totally disagree with any particular conspiracy theory. How can i get fooled by one and not the other.

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Exactly bruh 1515151515

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