Who would like 2 bath on these forums?

a good long bath…

I had a shower yesterday, it makes me feel better.

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I prefer showers myself.

I’m to tall for my bath tub, so it is hard to sit in and soak need a 7 foot tub

I also prefer showers. I had a shower yesterday.

Im having one daily at the moment - with a good dose of epsom salts chucked in.

You simply cant beat a relaxing bath, with fresh sheets on the bed. For me i sleep like a baby after doing that :slight_smile:

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I love having a shower and getting into bed with fresh sheets. I agree.

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I need one of those with a TV lol

I had one yesterday. I’m not taking one everyday right now because I’m not working or intimate with anyone.

We chopped out most of the wall of our tub so people wouldn’t have to climb in. So bathing is impossible. That’s ok. I like showering.

I prefer showers, but every once in a great while I’ll take a hot bath. I shower every day

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