Who wins the Iowa caucus tonight?

Just wondering if there are any political junkies out there who might have an opinion of whom might win the Iowa Caucus tonight.

I think it will be Clinton and Cruz.

I’ll be caucusing tonight! It’s a trip :smile_cat:

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Who do you think will win?

I really don’t know. I’ll be caucusing for Bernie, my roommate is suddenly on Team Hillary. Caucuses have a way of surprising you, though.

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Overall, I think whatever goes down here, Hillary gets the nomination. Bernie could pull it out in Iowa, though, if O’Malley consistently doesn’t achieve viability.

Have to be honest, I’ve been too alarmed to follow the Republican caucus talk here. But long-term, the moderate Republicans we know are leaning towards Hillary.

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Trump for certain. Sanders possibly – depends how dirty Clinton plays and we all know they play dirty.


I like Bernie. I think he is one of the most honest politicians we’ve seen in a long time. With that said, I think you are right, Hillary will get the nomination.

I wish O’Malley would bow out at this point.

The caucuses have a way of making you bow out :smile_cat: At the rates he’s polling, it’s not likely that he’s going to get much in the way of delegates. What’s interesting is where his supporters are going to go instead.

I think Bernie has a good shot in NH, too. You never know.


I’m not sure about Trump, as I keep hearing Cruz has a great ground game. We’ll see if a 5 point lead holds up. It should be fun to watch.

I’m so traumatized by this entire election process! It just can’t be Hitler, I mean, Trump. Not too fond of Cruz either, and apparently someone did something shady in his campaign, so I’m hoping Marco Rubio will gain a footing. I do think Hilary will be the status quo choice of most Democrats, but Bernie has run a solid campaign. The only good part of this campaign is the suspense. @Rhubot, how fun to be a part of the excitement today!

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I’m not a Republican, but I think Rubio would be a reasonable choice as the nominee. While I don’t like everything he says, I know some of it is simply politics. With as polarized as everything has become, I’m not sure he could actually win the nomination though.

I also like Bernie…

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This is when it gets interesting. The debates and the polls leading up only mean so much, and then people who actually vote decide. I lean toward small government, so that puts me in the more politically conservative camp, but I’m not party-loyal and vote for whomever makes the most sense at the time. There’s not a single candidate that I can support on either side at this point. I’ll end up choosing the lesser of two evils in the end. In the meantime, I’f like those two to be Sanders and Rubio…we shall see.

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It’s a trip! It’s such an odd process, we’ll be there all evening. It’s my roommate’s first caucus (she was worried that she’d be required to give a speech.)

The last eight months have been pretty much constant political calls and surveys. They’re persistent. Quinnipiac called me three times, each time leaving messages that they’d be trying until they got me. I was part of the very first wave of surveys that put Bernie in the lead :smile_cat:

Our door yesterday was covered in post-its telling us our caucus location and issuing dire warnings about being on time or being shut out. This has all made my roommate very anxious.

Generally, I like to sit with the undecideds (even if I am very decided) and let people come and try to convince me. It’s great, you really get to talk to people about how they’re feeling and what’s important to you.

Most of the chatter I hear in my neighborhood has been for Hillary. I’ll let you all know how it goes :smile_cat:


That’s really exciting! Aww, I hope your roommate has fun! :grin: Don’t be late! :heart:


We’re standing in a long line in the dark outside an elementary school, waiting for the privilege to spend several hours picking our next presidential candidate. “I hear this ride is awesome,” the guy behind me just said.


I just saw how the Democratic caucus works. Looks wild! Have fun!

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This is a Hillary-crazy precinct I’m in. Bernie might not even get viability from this group :smile_cat:

Just saw my director from the job I just quit :smiley_cat: Not at all awkward!

He’s caucusing for Bernie.

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This place is packed.