Who What When Why?


I have been on antipsychotic medications for about 45 years. I have been fatigued for about 45 years. The doctors have played very stupid with me for 45 years when I have asked them why I am tired all the time. They have told me that I was out of shape and should work out more, for example. Finally my private pay psychologist said to me, “Well, you do take enough medication to sedate a horse.”

The attitude seems to have been that we schizophrenics were to ill to understand our disease and what was going on with us. What a farting disservice we’ve been given!

I suppose I was not that interested in medications for the longest time. I suppose the doctor did what was best for me when I was ignorant about schizophrenia. Damn our culture, then!



Our bodies over time get used to the meds in order for our bodys to carry out functions semi-normal. My grandfather gets Testosterone and B vitamin shots once every few weeks. It helps him a great deal. I don’t know if you want to pump more chemicals in your body, but if you being tired is having an affect on your life you may want to try it, or accept your current


I do the same thing. It really set me back when I was seeing Dr. J. He refused to change anything ever even though my depression was out of control. I guess though part of that was an odd personal loyalty. I felt like he understood what I was talking about and lots of people just tell me that I am making no sense. My new doctor (who is far, far more expensive unfortunately) has fixed me up right away and kept me going for these past three years or so.

I still don’t understand any of these medicines and I don’t think that anyone does. My new method (compared to none at all) is so evaluate the doctor him or herself (how responsive are they? are they actually tweaking things and working with them when things aren’t working and letting them be otherwise? ect.).


I give alot of input about what I want to take + how much. My last Dr. - after she got to know me simply got out her perscription book + said - What do you want?

If your past Drs. knew why you were tired maybe they didn’t tell you in fear of you quitting the pills. I was extremely depressed at night for a number of years, until I figured out it was from taking my antipsychotic at night. I don’t think my Dr knew that was the reason.


I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over a decade now, and I think I am about as comfortable as I can be and still have my illness controlled by medication. I still have a lingering resentment against the med’s, because they take so much vigor away from me,but I have enough experience and I have seen enough to know what happens when someone gets off his med’s.


When in 2012 I realized I did have this illness called schizophrenia and did need to take antipsychotics for the rest of my life , I was worried that my body could not withstand so many years of side effects of the meds. At that time I thought I might die of high cholesterol or high blood sugar after taking antipsychotics for ten years. So when I first got onto this forum I was thrilled to see people like Jayster of 77nick77 because they could withstand the side effects of antipsychotics for so many years! In my eyes they are heroes.


Yes, of course. I’m not just 65 years old, but I’m young looking for my age!




My med provider just resigned.

Do you think the clinic would give me a head’s up about my med provider’s resignation? No.

I called the local NAMI office, but the gal who answered the phone never heard of my Nurse Specialist or my clinic (which is a stone’s throw from the local NAMI office, by the way).

I need a refill on a script, and my clinic has been unable to give me any help. (I started asking for help on November 11th).

The clinic did make me an appointment with a replacement guy for December 11 and suggested I wait until then.

Do you think my general practitioner would prescribe the med temporarily. No way.

Do you think I’m going to have fun at the ER asking for them to write a script?

Am I okay? Yes, I’m okay!