Who/what determines recovery?

Is age the greatest factor in recovery? Is aging out of sz a thing?

Or is who you are a determining factor? Or is there a hand outside the individual at play? I think I’m near recovery. I’m 44 in December.

At 34 I am recovered psychosis wise

My first episode was when I was 16/17

I did not really have insight until I was about 27/28

My recovery sucks.

Since psychosis was brought under control, they now say I have Autism, Anxiety and Depression

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Sounds like your mental wellness was compromised at an early age. Glad you aren’t experiencing psychosis anymore.

I had prodromal symptoms as early as 16 but didn’t get full blown psychotic til 23. I did my time. 20 years is plenty dealing with this gnarly illness.

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Any age sucks for this illness.

My mental wellness never existed, so I have nothing to compare it too

All I can see is people without these problems hitting milestones I will never reach

Sucks, but worse things could have happened… Like death


I think it’s mostly resilience factors and not age.

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Maybe a good way to put it is it’s similar to being a POW. Time isn’t a factor in that the captors are in command. They torture you and all you can do is withstand it, hoping your buddies show. One day, if you’re lucky, they finally do.

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It really depends how long you stay out of relapse and what meds do to you, i was much better after my first psychosis after 3 years, i was rully functional. Now last yeat I relapsed and still struggling and developed post psychotic depression. I would say 5 years without a relapse is a very good sign

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