Who wears contacts?

I think I wanna start wearing some colourful contact lenses. What do you think?

Does anybody wear them ?

I don’t know how people wear contacts. I’m extremely flinchy about my eyes. Can’t even properly apply eye drops.

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I already wear contacts - I have a condition but I think it’d be some cool change if I get grey contacts :slight_smile:

I would like to try contacts, but I am so afraid I’d stab my eye out by mistake!

I used to wear contacts, but I am too lazy to get another refill of them so I just wear my glasses. I like contacts over glasses though.

Nahhh - it is such a simple procedure.

You need wash your hands thoroughly - then take the contact on one finger and just place it on top of your pupil. It is so simple. I have been wearing contacts since I was 18.

I don’t like my glasses - especially in this weather condition. In and out and the frost is like 10 minutes

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lol I imagine my eye shutting as it falls and sending it flying.

I like to imagine sometime I’d forget to wash my hands and then get an eye-eating bacteria. Then I’ll have to wear an eyepatch. :disappointed_relieved:

I always wanted to wear contacts, but I’ve always been scared that I would accidentally fall asleep while wearing them. I heard that they can get stuck to the back of the eyes, that way…

must be a lot of science behind that.

I slept in mine and never had that problem

there are monthly contacts - which you have to remove everynigt and place in clear water. I have been doing that for the past 10 years.

If the optometrist tells you that you should remove them, then you should. You could also do laser.

I have had friends who went to hospital because of sleeping with their contacts on. I just don’t like glasses.

They can’t get stuck to the back of your eye. The furthest they will go is behind your eyelids, and you will be able to get them out.

Azul…mi ojos ist Azul…cool.
No contacts for me, I’ve just started wearing reading glasses after age 51.


Drunk guy at a bar voice says “Contacts are the only thing i wear, wooooohoooooo!”

For some reason I hate the idea of wearing contacts. Just putting something foreign on your eye seems messed up to me. It’s okay if other people do it. I would never do it.

I got Lazik in 1998. When I was about 37. I had worn glasses since third grade but I’ve never needed them since. I can see pretty good except I need reading glasses to read. The doctor told me that this would probably happen but I can pretty much do anything else in my life without glasses or contacts.

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