Who was the first person who went psychotic?

Before schizophrenia there was darkness and the heavens were silent and still and void of disharmony. God said, “I will create a man and women in my image.” and thus Adam was born. And when Adam was sleeping, he took a rib and Eve was born. They lived peacefully in the Garden of Eden for a year.

But lo and behold, Mary Jane was found growing in an insignificant small plot. And Adam and Eve smoked heavily even when Eve was impregnated. And she had great stress and touched cat feces and used meth. And a dysfunctional kid was born. And god said, " Let there be schizophrenia". And the child was much shunned and treated lower than the snake who tempted Eve and no one understood him. But God, “Said, Let there be SSDI”. And the child somehow survived. And this is the origin of the curse and scourge of the blackness of the heavens and the universe.


The gods of schizophrenia.