Who was the first person who went psychotic?

Your guess is as good as mine

Me, of course. 1515151

Maybe Adam and Eve

were slightly mad



I want to say something about religion but will get flagged :stuck_out_tongue:

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1879 psychology became a science.
I think it was a woman that first became psychotic

Interesting thread :slight_smile: i’m a fan of Queen Joanna the Mad os Spain, but since she lived in the 16th century she hardly was the first person ever to become psychotic.


Maybe we have all lived several lives from the beginning of time until this Day, and Maybe we have been psychotic in all of these lives so we are in fact the firts to become psychotic after all
Okay that doesn’t make sense


Why do you think Jesus was psychotic?

I think there is a better chance that Muhammad was.

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I’m willing to bet some Neanderthals had psychosis so way before most people mentioned. There have been articles linked before suggestion that some of their genes might be responsible for it. So…way long time ago.

Probably someone name “Urg” or “Droink” or something :rofl:.


snoog snog the mad neanderthal


Mr. Schizophrenia.


It’s a fairly new phenomenon.

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Cain maybe -


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I believe that many of the socalled prophets have been hallucinating. Sorry don’t Mean to offend Any one

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Maybe it was a dinosaur?
Can animals get psychotic do you think or only humans?

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That is an interesting thing to think about. :thinking:

I’m wondering if animals can experience psychosis. In that case, it would be back when we were apes covered in pubic hair LOL. Nice image, eh?

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I think one of my cats may have schizophrenia. She seems to see things that aren’t there, sometimes. She has trouble socializing with the other cats, too, so she has her own room.

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My cat did have feline schizophrenia when I first got her. She was a runaway, probably abused.

When you first got her? Her symptoms went away?