Who wants to rap battle

Your rapping gives me an allergic reaction
you’ll never gain traction
s’all about the action
people don’t feel you,
not even a small fraction,
When you step on the stage,
people laughin’, you’re style they’re trashin,
when im on the court,
people never seen this talent happen,
into the muse i am tappin,
when they hear my poetry,
their pants they be crappin
They call me the Middle Eastern master,
nobody can rap faster,
I ball like the King,
Call me the Iran Lebron,
don’t nobody stop me and when try to they be flopping, i be lobbin,
hell of long threes, swish swish like Dirk Nowitzki,
lets see who here can stand up and try 'n diss me,
Just don’t clown around cuz this aint a movie made by Disney


Good stuff. I don’t have that talent at this moment. I used to every once in a while.

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