Who wants to hear a story? sz related, also pdoc related, kind of mischevious

yes/no? well I will tell you the story if you want to hear it, but if you don’t want to hear the story then I will keep it to myself


Is it a true story?

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yes it’s based off of an episode of mine.

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Well tell us more!

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ok everybody…first I must say say that I’ve never really told this story before so I may not get all the words right. also to tell the whole story would take some time as it involved the combination of many of my best stories. so bear with me here…

it begins…

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it happened that I came to a point in my life where I hated my car. I loved to explore but when doing so I found that my car was holding me back from. after some time about a year of living in my car i found the thing to be a huge burden…but that’s not really the story.

the story begins when i decided to get rid of it and try to explore on my own

so i moved back in with my folks…this was at about 25. i garaged the car. i started hiking the roads and taking off to places.

i grew up close to Cincinnati ohio about 25-30 miles from downtown. a hwy in my hometown runs through both cities. i started walking to cincy, took me about 12 hours, when there i would go to the greyhound station and take trips. I’ve been almost everywhere in the united states by bus except for a few cities. but that’s not really the story either

one time when after returning to cincy from a trip i once again decided to walk home. i almost made it, i was about 3 miles from the stateline when i ran into a cop

well the trouble was is i had an attitude problem when it came to the authorities. i mean i had had some run ins with the law, nothing serious but i didn’t like them. i had tried reasoning with them before when i was out hiking but never had any success, spent some weeks in jail for small misbehaviours…like not giving a name etc when questioned.

about that…

i have a problem with my real name…well im proud of the name and who i am but i was at odds with the commercialization of our family name by another member of the family. it’s a household name now…like Hilton hotels or something. not everybody likes the family business and i had gotten some flack over it. i wanted to change my name for personal reasons…which brings us back into my run in with the law.

well there i was close to the stateline when he stopped to question me. i didn’t want to answer questions i didn’t want to talk. i walked right around him and right past him…i mean why should he have so much authority over me anyhow?..that’s when he tackled me and charged me with resisting…straight to the justice center. but who should try for this crime? i was not going to give them my name…just another john doe.

so i sat in the jail and waited 3 weeks. eventually i relented and called my father. that’s when they took me to the hospital…summit behavioral hospital.

it was there i met this very attractive female doctor. she informed me that she was diagnosing me schizophrenia. but she was kind, she showed me a lot of attention i thought she had a thing for me. she wanted to know what i wanted to call myself but i was unsure. i told her nemo…i read somewhere that it translated as nothing.

she said that people with sz. often hear voices but i never had. they started me on meds anyhow. the meds went to my head they were pill form and they almost made me faint upon standing

anyways i took the meds and continued on with my odd behavior at the hospital. 2 or 3 months they held me and then they let me go home

back at home…of course i didn’t particularly care for the meds so i stopped taking them. and of course being bull headed as i was i thought it was time to take off again. this time i thought i’ll head west on foot…all the way to California.

so i tried. with a backpack and a couple jars of peanut butter. i took off. i made it a long way. all the way to Illinois…once again walking along the road in what looks like the middle of nowhere is not a good idea. they have a sherrif there and deputies and they sure as ■■■■ don’t see this everyday.

same outcome resisting arrest…2 weeks in jail…but that’s when it started to happen to me. i started to hear voices…well yes i was off my meds but this time i was fasting. it was a hunger strike really i thought if i didn’t eat i’d get some serious eyes on the situation. once again after hallucinating for 2 weeks i ate some corn chips and called home. they let me out.

from the beginning my voices were all familiar. my high school buddy, my niece, brother, the pdoc who diagnosed me, my mother. they were all familiar no strange voices, it could be anyone i meet that gets stuck in my head

anyways on the ride back i was telling mom and dad of all the wild hallucinations i was having at the jail. my first instinct was that meds from before had caused it. i thought it was poison. but truly now i believe fasting at an already low bodyfat for 13 days caused it. and it never really stopped, it started back up again. and at first i liked it. i thought it was my little secret or superpower to hear these messages

Interesting…please go on

so there i was at home and i had given up on trying to take off. so i started to walk all over town…also i began to lose a hold of myself. not only was i hearing voices all the time but i was also starting to entertain past lives. i thought of my past and it was kind of triumphant kind of tragic. i started to have delusions that a place close to me was my point of origin. the oxbow. o yeah what about the doctor? well she was right i was hearing voices and having delusions. i located her on facebook and asked if she wanted to hook up…“casual sex?”…no response

This is very interesting so far. I’ll be back later to read the rest…

anyways one day as it was my routine of doing nothing but walking around i finally started to explore my past. i walked to the oxbow…there i found a shelter with a bench a fishing pole a table…one of those wire spool things. well i didn’t like the sight of the fishing pole. i was vegan you see. for 4 years and completely psychotic. during my time in jail i started develop psychologies about suffering and people. and what they eat. i judged non vegans including my parents. i had a superstition that i was like untouchable as a vegan. i passed all the tests, none of the charges ever stuck etc…so i thought. i read some of Leviticus in the old testament and rationed that it was insane. i thought clearly i am a clean animal that is blessed to hear voices, like it was a superpower, and am not blind to the reality of things.

so the fishing pole. i snapped it in two and threw it in the oxbow, a little reservoir. of course i wanted to lead a clue about who done it so there i went to the table and left an etching…with my new name… something i had been thinking a good deal about…“yaz wells…deep in ■■■■■” it read

and i took off and went back home where i heard the voice of the doctor…she read it back to me. “yaz wells…deep in ■■■■■” “i like that”…

and that’s the story. once again I’ve never told the story before, it was longer than i anticipated so i just had to wrap things up… i probably left out some things

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You lived an adventureous life!

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thank you, I had some ups and downs for sure.

o the big reveal I was censored…deep in pu.ssy.