Who wants to be a millionare sz edition *when i say millionare i mean lord of questions

so answer my question and ask your own

"There is a butterfly called the Tiger butterfly, I watched a bird eating spider cut a tiger butterfly out of its web and set it free with much haste… so why would the spider cut free such a delicious morsel? "

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It cut it free because the spider has an obsession with butterfly’s and thinks butterflies have the answers for psychosis cure.

My turn-

A tree that wouldn’t shed its leaves because…


The tree wouldn’t shed its leaves because it was the height of winter and it was fricking cold.

Why is it that a rain drops but snow falls?

the rain has butter fingers and the snow has poor balance

awesome this turned into ridiculous answers are the best answers lol

why does the badger nap after his meeting with the cobra?


Because the cobra is boring and the badger is emotionally drained after their talks.
Why does my cat purr so incredibly loud but meow so quietly?


When I was a kid we used to catch butterfly’s and bees and stick them together in a jar to watch what happens.

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Menopause? ,

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It amuses him to make you try to figure him out.

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the purr is for you… its a social que that you are doing good keep it up they know we are hard of hearing so they make it loud… the meow is actually the cat reporting in to the alien force of cats that is taking over the world 1 youtube video at a time… at this rate cat videos will be the only thing watched in 400 years but thats ok they have the time…lol they have been here this long whats 400 more years…

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And hail pelts.

oh a question crap…

what is the plural version of Cyclops?..
like 1 = Cyclops but 2+ = ? … and what is the term used for a large group of insert the word for more than one Cyclops here?

I do not think I know the actual answer…
ah that’s stupid… it should be cyclopsi… the real plural word sounds dumb…

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question: how old am i? i’ve been quite cryptic with my age on this site. so this riddle/question was designed many months ago, just for this thread.

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I’m a zillionaire. I eat millionaires for breakfast, fried and quartered.

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