Who wants Daze to be a Mod?

Just kidding. It’d be fun though. Ha.


No it wouldn’t.

You would suspend all the members, give yourself more authority than @SzAdmin (somehow) and crash the entire site.


@Daze .

I was like many hard done by this sites policy back in the day but it’s been a long time gone…

I have no issue with the mods these days. Yeah I get the odd ban and I think that is shite but I live through it and get by. It’s not something I need to fight these days…

Years ago I think I ended up coming here to fight people… Some not my fault but still. I don’t think that was constructive…actually I know that wasn’t constructive to the site as a whole.

I think we all together make our world here. Just add to it and don’t fight it. I’ll never be the same as anyone else here but our differences aren’t the issue. Our things that bind us together really are…

Come and look forward to supporting the community. Don’t come here to fight others. I know you can get some pleasure on trying to be right but that is always such a fickle thing. Come and support yourself and others…Truly we’ll all be better off and so will you. Just a thought.