Who want to chat with me?

I don’t have to talk to with

Hallo @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro
How are ya?
I have had apple pie with ice cream
And mince pie


I don’t eat lunch yet… I eat it very late… I am kinda in a middle… don’t have friends to go out

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I spent Christmas with parents
I haven’t freinds to go out with
I want to find new freinds next year


You will find if you organise and put some work for that… I am concentrating on girlfriend now ,self development and work

Well I am reading a book to help manage social anxiety and I am seeing a therapist
I hope you find a girl friend you have that to look forward to


I’m down for a chat. I haven’t had breakfast yet. Just coffee, pills, and sarcosine mixed with water.

Just ate a banana and a Greek yogurt. Glad to get that out of the way.

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