Who uses musical instruments as a way to deal with loneliness

I miss my large Yamaha keyboard but I just didn’t have room for it. I recently bought a cool gorilla pod tripod to hold my cellphone so I can video myself playing ukulele and my small keyboard. If I get some christmas money I might buy myself a mini Yamaha A50 keyboard.

I like playing simple musical instruments apps on my cellphones which are very convenient if I am waiting in the car.


Yea that’s exactly how I feel. My keyboard is packed away as I’m in a box room. But I have this urge to play again.

What kind of music do u enjoy to play on ur keyboard.

And did you teach yourself?


I took piano for about three years as a kid. I mostly improvise on chord progressions. My sight reading isn’t too good so really didn’t progress much in classical music.

I really like chord books and my cousin even made one for his band so I covered some of his songs at a local music club. I also like rock and pop music or even simple kids songs. I have a Reaper sequencer DAW and made some songs in that too.

I have a few musician friends that I collaborate online with and we published some stuff to bandcamp and cd baby. One video we made got about 10k views.


Cool :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear that you share your interest with friends that’s truly fun and meaningful.

My sight-reading is terrible because I’m a beginner

I want to become good and create my own pieces it seems really fulfilling in some way :slight_smile:


Hi, I decided to make breaks in between weight loss, to preserve my sanity. It’s going well! But it’s slower…


I am into so many hobbies that I can never say I am bored or lonely.

The banjo has always been on my bucket list and after playing for two years my mental health and outlook on life has seriously improved like depressions are not as deep and long lasting.

Also I play the didgeridoo, harmonica, and Native American flute.


I am self taught. YouTube is the universal instructor. Lol but I had been playing a few years before YouTube showed up. I started with Mel bay blues guitar books.

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