Who use ozempic here and your lose of weight?

Ozempic was worthless to me for weight loss so far. As a matter of fact, I’ve gained weight on it. The only time I may have been losing a bit on it was when I was vomiting early on. Not the way to lose weight in my opinion.

My doc is increasing it again though, so maybe it will help at increased dose. I likely wont know if it does though, because I have been modifying my diet and plan on starting a Mon Wed Fri fast starting this upcoming Monday. THis is much more likely to have an impact on my weight than Ozempic. For weight loss at .5 and below, I give Ozempic a big thumbs down :-1: for me,

I use Ozempic. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the end of 2018. My highest weight was 235 lbs. In the winter of 2021, I got down to 188 lbs by taking Jardiance (25 mg) and Ozempic (1 mg). This year, I started overeating again, because of stressful events in my life and on the world stage. I’m now fighting to get below 209 lbs. I’m also on Abilify and another drug. These don’t help. But my biggest problem is lack of exercise and over eating.

There’s currently a shortage of Ozempic, because it’s being prescribed to people who aren’t diabetic. I don’t mind it if these people are dangerously fat (300 lbs fat), but I don’t think it should be prescribed to people who are mildly overweight by 30 lbs.

Yeah for me too @Bowens
Mounjaro is a better weight loss drug

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I’ve been prescribed 1mg of Ozempic every week, for my diabetes. Though lately, I’ve been having to give myself two shots of 0.5 mg every week (from a 1.5 mg holding pen), instead of just one shot of 1 mg (from a pen that holds 4 mg).

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The initial dose is the 0.5 mg one right? After that it goes to 1 mg (is that correct)? I have been unable to acquire either.

The pen I’m using now contains one and a half shots of 0.5 mg (or four shots of 0.25). So I have to take two shots of 0.5 mg to get to 1.0 mg. It’s confusing, because I take the two shots and there’s only 0.5 shot left, so I have to get that shot from a second pen. :smile: Sorry, I’m getting all mixed up. So, I need two pens to get me through 3 weeks.

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I started at .25 went up to .5 and am now supposed to go up to 1

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