Who thinks Cosby is guilty?

I don’t know …

I’d be afraid to say, in case his lawyers sue me.

I will wait for a verdict from a jury of his peers.

Anyone remember the movie ghost dad? That was one of my favorites when i was a lad


I haven’t seen that in years Ghost Dad. The cosby show was best

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Pudding pop did it. The better question did his pudding pop money get him the lawyer he needs to confuse and bedazzle the jury of his peers?

Whatever happened,it wasn’t him … innocent

30 women who have no financial gain from coming out… court documented cases (him abusing women who are lesbians…)

No questions in my mind - he’s guilty.

I saw him once in a small venue doing a comedy routine - loved him. I’m Very disappointed.


nice rhyme eggman

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it’s a pudding pop… gyul hull hul


The evidence is too overwhelming. There has to be something bad happening there. His lawyers claim the women are lying and that these women are targeting an innocent celebrity. I don’t buy it. Why would more than thirty women pick on Cosby for no reason as his lawyers say. it doesn’t make sense. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”.

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You know, this was pretty shocking to me when it first came out. I don’t know what to think, I mean I grew up with the guy nearly always on tv half the time. I’m not drawing any conclusions, I abhor the crime he’s been accused of and always have but I also believe our justice system if not our entire system is a corrupt sham, not corrupt in a monetary sense but maybe ore a moral sense.

So much of what I thought I knew abut the world and remembered about my life has been ripped out from beneath me that I’m not coming up with theories or assumptions about anything.

Who knows.

But then some people like OJ get away with murder.

I never liked the guy. He always annoyed me. That being said,

Everyone thought the family running a daycare centre was guilty. They weren’t:

I mean its true we do demonize people sometimes before we hear both sides and we all know kids say the darndest things… But dam he rufied alot of women allegedly and then the jokes about ruffie…ing both before and after the allegations. Im not particularly versed in bill cosby but arnt those jokes off color for him?

Yeah, I see your point, @MrSquirrel , but the witnesses in this case you post are children who were easily led . Cosby’s accusers are grown adults, most who are in their forties or fifties. I know that you are using this specific case as a general statement to show that the number of accusers in a crime does not always mean automatic guilt. Some of Cosby’s accusers are a bit shady themselves but some seem to be responsible and very credible. But yes, things are not always as they seem, and yes, there’s a chance he may be innocent. Let the lawyers argue it out.

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