Who suffers with fatigue (poll)

  • No fatigue
  • Slightly fatigued
  • I’m tired all day
  • Fatigue prevents me from doing what I want
  • I stay in bed

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I’m not sleep tired I just lounge in bed the way I used to sit at my desk when I had a desktop set up or on my couch when I had a couch. I don’t go out much unless I have something to do like shopping. Now I go to a day program so I’m in bed less.


I feel uncomfortably tired all day, I think it’s from too much stress hormone from chronic pain. Maybe finding something I’m passionate about will get me out of bed, but sometimes it feels like even that can’t surpass the head pain factor that keeps me in bed.


I don’t suffer from any fatigue. I get a good nights sleep every night, and I feel totally awake. The idea of lazing around, and sleeping and resting during the day, is extremely unappealing to me. I feel awake and I like to get things that need to be done accomplished.