Who’s in the EU here? Xx

Need a favour
I’m a U.K Brit
Rubbish brexit problem
Earn £20.00 or Some nice Scottishortbread or a C.D

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EU sucks, I am glad we’re out. I voted to leave

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i’m in the EU… in belgium…


I’m just making my mind up
Sorry this second hand website won’t ship everything to us in uk
Super frustrating

I am in the EU, I think that the EU is good.

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I’m a staunch Remainer, but the deed is done . We need to make the best of a bad decision.

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I’m in America. Not in the EU


I have a proposal which for you will be much more hassle than it’s worth
Please can you if acceptable to a huge favour
I can buy a beautiful second hand vintage accessory delivered to your address
I send you a box of shortbread from Scotland (or a CD of your choice) or something else of your choice or £20 up to you
You find out what the postage would be for you and I send you that directly
Via bacs or PayPal???

Pm me please xxxxxxx

no lol you gonna have to find somebody else for that. I can’t go outside so there is no way i can go send it.

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No worries
I don’t know you much but seen you on here and ur trustworthy

I once exchanged a CD of Brittney Spears for some horlicks
On this website
At the beginning of the internet

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Do they have pick up from home service? Hermes or UPS
I’d pay that
Sorry I’m a maniac
You said no already

no they don’t have that here… always gotta bring it to the pick up point.

But just find somebody else that can go send it.

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You’re not allowed to exchange addresses here. It’s part of the rules