Who rules the world?

We all rule our own world. The creators of our own universe if you will. Like Tyler the Creator! :joy:

In reality who actually rules the world is some royal lineage. It makes sense.:slightly_smiling_face:

No one rules the world right now but there are players that want too.

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Lots of different people rule the world. No one group is currently in control of the world. It is split into various factions.

Surely there is some sort of American royalty.

America doesn’t rule the world either. And there is no “American royalty” that I know of. There are some people of privilege though.

Yes, the Kardashians right?
They’re cool though.


Don’t you consider Presidents American royalty?

I’m pretty sure there are more powerful movers behind the scenes.

America controls the dollar and the dollar has a lot of influence in the world, it puts them in first place but they don’t rule the whole world. China sees the US as a declining power and wants to rule the world now.

George Washington was offered to become King but he refused, he said they just fought a revolutionary war to get out from under the rule of the British monarchy.

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Khourtney is so damn hot.

I prefer Rob to be honest.

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I just wanna being Charles Rogers back. He broken his collarbone two years in a row. Then he got dogged for smoking pot. It wasn’t the pot it was the fact he got injured two years in a row.

No. They don’t rule for their entire lives like royalty. Donald Trump was a president and might go to jail for Gods sake. Presidents in the U.S. are accountable to the law , just like everyone else. Although, I will admit that it is harder for them to go to prosecuted for crimes.

It is hard to tell which is my favourite out of them. They are all pretty different, in looks aswell.

I might have to say Kourtney

European royals don’t actually rule anything. They’re more like diplomats with bling.

You think I’m lying but honestly President Biden is the best president to ever walk the face of this earth.

Yes, they are just figureheads nowadays

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I’ve never watched an episode of the Kardashians.I don’t find any of them all that attractive. They are not ugly but nothing special.

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actually it is between Kourtney and Kylie, leaning towards Kylie

I didn’t say whether or not he was good or bad…just stating facts about his current legal issues.

I’m about 80% sure shits all fake. I did read about the first fbi director. That makes it seem real.