Who relapsed this year?

Relapse being ongoing or intermittent psychosis with a loss of functioning (not necessarily going to hospital) for a month or more

  • Yes i did
  • No im ok

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Stable enough for voices every day, and seeing things.

I’m much better than I used to be before medication. So I consider myself “good enough”

I relapsed from August to October last year. Fortunately I did not need to go to hospital.

It all started in June when I had EPS. My psychiatrist lowered my AP dosage…then I relapsed. He increased it again and fortunately the EPS have not returned

My last psychotic episode was in 2010

12 years of a different mindset

Iv’e transformed my mind with the help of meds

I overdosed last summer and had the worst five days of my life in a psych ward. I was hallucinating and punched out a window and broke my knuckle. Then they hit me with something and I work up restrained in a bed. I was just screaming and thought I was in hell being stabbed over and over again, and then being sewn up to start the next round of stabbing. Wasn’t one of my finest moments! After a day I was back to normal and I couldn’t have said too much bad stuff because one of the girls in the ward immediately told me she was in love with me. :slight_smile: Then i ended up back in the hospital two weeks later because I couldn’t eat because I felt so guility that it was my fault for that break from reality this time.

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Awe that sounds horrible. I thought people planted something on me I wanted to pluck my eyes out because the voices were talking about everything I was doing and every mistake I’d ever made in my life, making me feel horrible, saying they were gonna get me. I can totally relate

Last time I relapsed was in 2015-2016 because I stopped my meds.

I didn’t vote. I mean, I do have breakthrough symptoms all the time. I’m somewhat treatment resistant.

Last time I was inpatient, was 2019. Since then, I’ve been eligible for impatient multiple times, but I pulled through without going to the hospital, with the help of my husband and the Same-Day Psychiatry Clinic.

We talking SZ or chocolate?


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I had a psychotic episode around October 2021. A relapse, but I kind of know, thanks God I have my own apartment and don’t have to explain myself to anybody for my weird behaviour. I am an experienced sz with 30 years history.

I’m told I’ve been psychotic and hallucinating nonstop since 2008. I always take my meds.

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You know what, Paul, I did, I relapsed for about the fourth time in nearly four years.

Had a bit of an effed up winter last year but I recovered by around June or something.

I came off my meds (under supervision) back last spring due to side effects and had one of my worst episodes for about a month. It was a bumpy road for a few months after but eventually things settled down on new meds.

I’m experiencing breakthrough symptoms. I haven’t hallucinated in over a year, and have recently started to have auditory and minor visual hallucinations. I’m pretty upset about it, but I’m still moving forward. Keep up the good fight legends!

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