Who rejects a girl totally in love with him?

Yeah the first cut is deepest.

I didn’t wait I pursued!

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Me ecantó Fernando pero el no me buscó. (I adored Fernando but he didn’t look for me)

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Just because someone loves you,

Doesn’t mean they have to love you back.




If he’s not meant to be it’s no point forcing relationships

I was never a beautiful person, and I didn’t like sex, so I got rejected a lot. As a teen, you gotta be sexy and manipulative to get a partner. I was friendzone material.

You know what sucks about being bi? There’s at least twice as many genders to be rejected by.

This pic reminds me of me :unamused: :crazy_face: :frowning:

Her facial expression lol

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Girls are sooo much more picky apparently . I was on a dating website seeking female and I got like very few responses compared to wen seeking a male

That’s really rude, @Daze.

She has a point, no one has to love anyone. Doesn’t matter if one is totally in love with the other. That type of behavior is what makes stalkers.

Totally wrong. Nobody sacrifices love. Did your parents?


You are way out of line.

You don’t have to agree with everyone that posts.

If you can’t handle it, don’t make anymore threads.

Haha little bit this way and then ok.

No it isn’t wrong to reject love if you are uncomfortable. making people feel bad for waving off unwanted affections is the same as victim blaming those stalked or raped by those who can’t take no for an answer.

My parents have nothing to do with this conversation. Don’t make it personal.

Haha women. You re the ones objecting. Jesus!

I would have appreciated loving women.

I rejected a girl who really likes me when I was teenager, I was young and stupid and she did have a really good booty! haha

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@Loke ready for you to chime in.

I rejected a lot of women when I was younger. They kept sending me nudes. Little did they know I was gay all along. I did get with some women though, just as friends messing about


Dad tell her to leave me alone. Mike, she’s pretty.

@daze Nah I ain’t sayin nothin.

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