Who plans on throwing a party but not here to receive any her own packages?

alright y’all know i’m house sitting my aunt’s, right. so her sister told me that she is going to be throwing a party this saturday. she planned on sending everything to the house i am at. blah blah blah fast forward, she is relying on me to receive the boxes. mind you today it’s supposed to be shipped in but haven’t received nothing. if i did, must have not heard the doorbell ring because i was in the shower. i am scared because if i don’t get those packages i’m gonna be in a whole lot of trouble.

Maybe the sister can check on the company’s site where the packages are? Some companies have this tracking service that allows you to see where they are, at least in my country. Also, wouldn’t they have left a note if you were unable to answer the door?

true but she’s still on the cruise and she won’t be in until tomorrow morning