Who likes the energy drinks?

I love them. Just had a sugar free Red Bull.

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Never liked the taste. I do coffee and for a caffeine/ sugar rush I drink plain old coke. I’m old though at 50 so I may not be the target market :slight_smile:


I love energy drinks!!! I usually have monster. I’ve never had Red Bull before.

Could worsen delusions…

I have never even tried energy drinks

unless lucazade counts? though I can’t remember the taste

I used to drink energy drinks all day now I drink 3 cups of coffee. Energy drinks are really bad for you and stop working after a while I have more energy than I did before now

I used to be hooked up on Arizona ginseng and green tea canned drinks. I also took caffeine pills for sometime. Now back to coffee.

They aggravate my issues with irregular heartbeat. Doctor ordered me to stop them.

I love energy drinks. I’ve tried every single kind that my local gas station has

I like a red bull but not keen on the other ones like relentless or monster

I used to drink them a lot though I’m trying to cut down my intake. Now I drink once in a while. Monster is my preferred energy drink.

Used to love the occasional Bang now it’s just coffee for me


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I love them too, but lately coffee has been enough for me.