Who likes soccer?

I like to play soccer, but I don’t like to watch as much

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Love it, i used to play for my local team in my teens, won a few cups too, good times!

i like soccer. i love the running clock games go by faster. used to play until 8th grade, quit because i didn’t like the new coach and he put me on defense. i should have stuck with it, i have a soccer player’s build didn’t have the height to play basketball even though that’s my favorite sport. i also like to watch soccer. i don’t watch euro leagues, but mls, and i also watch national games, men’s and women’s. i think im going to get me a us men’s national team jersey to wear around in the summer.

I love soccer.
I used to play a bit in high school but never made the varsity team.

I love to watch professional tournaments like the World Cup.

I enjoyed the Women’s World Cup also.


I also don’t really like the players, because I just don’t like the way they are.

I also like to watch soccer only if there is a really good player playing. Like Messi, Ronaldo, Landon Donavon.

I’m not a big fan of soccer but I respect how athletic the players are. Takes a lot of stamina doing all that running.

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I don’t mind watching top professional games. It can be a little on the slow side for my taste but world cups and the European championships are really, really good to watch. So much drama and tension.

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I too like the World Cup. Don’t get a chance to watch much, but if I can, I do.

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