Who likes meds?

I feel they make me better and I like seeing how they work on me.

My most recent addition was buspar. It was a lifesaver for the extreme anxiety I was having but now I think it’s making me more sleepy. None the less, better living thru chemistry is my motto.

How about you?


It’s a love/hate relationship


I used to hate them but now I like them,


It’s always about balance for me.

I’ve gained some and I’ve lost some but it’s important in the scheme of things to differentiate between symptoms and medications. That is a blurry line.

For example. Most ap’s are better for positives so you see by large more problems these days with negatives. Still. It’s a blurry world because some don’t respond etc. and others have similar crippling conditions but whether it’s meds or disorder itself is a real issue.

I Don’t like the sedation but I like not having a busy mind. It’s nice going to sleep and actually sleeping. I buy into that for the cognitive losses but I reckon this long on ap’s I’ve actually grown some new neurons…


I regard the med’s as a necessary evil.


I feel adding amyloban made a large difference in my mental clarity

Get the balance going your way is uber good my friend!

My biggest problem is depression. I deal with positives pretty well. Negatives are another story but depression is a big issue and I take boatloads of effexor to have no problems with that!

That is a good thing for me and I guess your on a good wicket too with your meds.

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It’s been a long road but I always focus on the positives I get more than the negatives. For the negatives I try to find a solution for those, so my regiment has a lot of counter balancing including the alcohol I drink and the weed I smoke. I’m not promoting alcohol or weed here

One thing I control for is that I do the same thing every day

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I’m on just one med in the summertime - ziprexa, 5mg. In the winter, I add 10 mg Lexapro for seasonal disorder. It’s not much in meds but I’d hate to be without them. They keep me from going crazy.

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I like my meds. They do make me a bit flat, and I can’t cry, but I feel like they remove my positive sympyoms and minimize the negatives, so I’m willing to put up with it :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a positive change with meds after going without for almost 5 years- the side effects haven’t been easy but I appreciate having meds around now

My cognitive ability restores a tiny bit more each and every day :ok_hand: I like seeing that. And I thank the meds. I like meds.

Love/hate relationship.
This is same for my pain med and muscle relaxant.

I particularly like saphris, makes me feel tons better.

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Don’t tell my girlfriend abilify that I’m cheating on her with naltrexone. But neither of them know That I really really have a crush on Zoloft. I try to keep that secret. Me and klonopin really get along too, but that’s strictly platonic that one.

But yeah I do like all my meds. Maybe even some I “like-like” if you know what I mean :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Once the buspar was up to the correct dose, I just noticed less anxiety. Nothing usually knocks me out, though. I’m glad you’re getting the help you need!

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I would survive without meds. It’s just more convenient for my social environment to take medication.

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I would like to try without meds.

Love that they help Lessen my symptoms.

Hate the sedation and lack of umph, the weight gain and constantly stuffy nose.

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I wish my med would sedate me sick of insomnia