Who likes apples?

Apples have antioxidants, inhibit cancer, and have lots of phytochemicals that prevent disease.



I loves apples…i just ate it…!!!


High five! :raised_hand:

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I see the “New crop” apples are out now, as opposed to those mushy ones they’ve been passing off lately.

I don’t like the texture of apples.
I prefer apple pie.

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Why u guys still not sleeping…

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lol I can’t sleep tonight @far_cry0.
It’s 341am here and I’m wide awake!

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Thats bad wave …sleep as much u can…



Yeah thanks @far_cry0
I’m going to bed now
Goodnight everyone! :slight_smile:

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Sleep tight wave…!!!

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Maximum people like apple. As there is saying An apple a day keep doctor away.

I have an apple on my desk and one in my hand- an iMac and an iPhoneSE…my favorite kind of apple.

And I don’t want to go to bed, it’s VERY windy outside and it’s howling tjroughout our house.
When it isn’ Blowing things down.

Sometimes I have period where I eat a lot of apple.I got bored of it recently

I like DEM apples!!!

i like them so much!

I like apples, but I love them best made onto applesauce. :yum:
Only home-grown ones though. The conventional ones taste terrible, and they get worse once you cook them.

I like some apples. I like braeburn apples the best. And fuji apples are good, too. I like the crunchy sweet ones. I don’t like sour apples.

I love Fuji apples with a big glass of milk. That’s my favorite snack. I’ll be having that today, it’s my last apple. Then tomorrow I get to start on the apple sauce with lots of cinnamon. The cinnamon makes it taste sweet without added sugar. I love apples Oh and I had a glass of apple juice last night for dessert lol


I only like applesauce and apple desserts.