Who knows. The title was to short

Just break up then, and don’t mind the consequences.


Reminds me of a guitarist I used to jam with. A womanizing bi-sexual manic depressive dextromethorphan addict from Miami…

played a mean guitar though.

Good name for a bad that is, the “womanizing bi-sexual manic depressive dextromethorphan addicts.”

well, he’s not a bad guy.

He’s actually a very positive well liked person.

Positive people are bad in my opinion, because even though there are literally thousands of kids getting raped right now in every imagineable oriface they can still smile and laugh.

And it gets even worse than that, which is hard to imagine, but it gets worse when you include it all.

Positive people, every imagineable oriface, do the math about positivity, it doesn’t add up.