Who killed Bill Gates?

I’m Schizophrenic too.

I used to jokingly tell everyone that I will one day invent Doors operating system and be the richest guy in the World.

I used to tell everone that the then World’s Richest guy Bill Gates is sending me messages through newspapers, TV advertisements and movies.

I used to think that entire World is revolving around me. My Grand Father died and I started telling everyone that Bill Gates is killing my family.

I also used to tell everyone that they (Bill Gates and some secret organization and some secret government organization etc) are watching me using advanced technologies such as radio devices that record thoughts and memories and I also used to say that they are using Satellites, all kinds of them including thermal satellites.

I used to send them messages.


I used to write something on a blank paper and used to keep it on roof tops and place some stones on it. I am an Atheist.

I’m an Atheist who proved that God(s) can’t exist and here is my proof… [ sagargorijala blogspot in ]

I used to tell everyone that I will be awarded Nobel prize for my theory and never received such prize and you too know it… hahaha lol lol lol…

I sent hate mails quoting Bill Gates and Melinda Gates… saying Kill Bill Gates F… Melinda Gates.

Believe me I consider love and sex to be sacred but I did it.

I actually did it.

I had no control over my anger…

I also broke all the glass material in my house…

I bad mouthed my Mother I recalled to her that she did this and that and hurt me back then and so and so back then. Pardon my English.

Now I am 34 without any job or money… still a student.

I failed all me life.

My theory “Fundamental Theory Of Existence” is the one and only success I have ever achieved. Recently I made couple of posts on facebook where I quoted that a monkey took good amount of flesh out of left arm and few days later I looked at my left arm and the scar was missing.

It is actually my right arm. Back then I was 8 year old kid who returned from school. I suffered all my life due to this nonsence illness. Many hurt me again and again. I was good at nothing. Atlast I acieved success and it is FTOE. But I didn’t receive Nobel prize… lol just kidding…

I want to tell you guys lots of things from my life but sadly there is no such thing as lots of things. 34 years and this is the only story I could come up with. I have nothing else to say. This is everything, 100% of my life.

I now use the amazing antipsychotic Ziprasidone and I don’t have any money to buy health supplements from vitacost.com and swansonvitamins.com

I sincerely want to buy x-tend total mens premium supplemets too and want to use a very high dosage of cocktail of best non toxic supplemets but no money no success whatsoever.

My message to you…

This book [[[[ How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method ]]]]





will help you live a normal life… no not normal life. In fact you will achieve success.

You will truely lead a successful life with the help of this book…

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method

How to Study with Mind Maps: The Concise Learning Method

Remember I too have Schizophrenia and this is no advertisement.

This is my true life story.

I am still not awarded with Nobel prize.

Please share this story with everone if you want to see me with the Nobel prize.

Just kidding but this the truth.

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hey, thought i would say hi,
you said in your post " i failed all my life ".
none of us who have this sz thing are failures, we are essentially successfull because we struggle and live our life with this disease.
we have to put up with the voices, the things we see that no one else can, the different belief structures etc…so go out in to the world and feel good about your self. we are unique , we are brave, and we are successfull.
take care


My dear friend, I totally agree with you. Thanks.

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my psychosis was right around the time that steve jobs died. i kept thinking it was a hoax, and he was doing that just to sell more iProducts.
thought somehow that my opening of consciousness had something to do with his death, and i was the next innovator in line.

took some meds, not the next innovator in line, it seems… :wink:

You know I don’t know. I’m OK I’m not bad off. I take less meds than I used to. I take three I use to take 4 then 3 then 2 but 2 large doses. I don’t care because so what so what if I’m a schizo what can I do just take the meds and go on with my life and try to stay friendly. I don’t want to say goodbye to all of my hallucinations. I love some them and I don’t love some of them. I got an image the other day of one of my voices who looked like a combination of two people I knew. I’m in love with my hallucination and I can’t get over it. What do you do when the hallucination is better than the reality. I’m getting some visions of some place. I’m to tired to fall apart all over again I’m exhausted and I want someone who understands and can relate to talk to write back

Yes, I too have these things going on. Mainly I always have paranoid dellusions… I have super heroes, super villians, rapists, murderers, robots, gentic engineering, cloning, androids, etc; in my paranoid dullusions… Also I have Necromancer.

Howdy and good morning

It’s great your taking your medication, eating healthy and exercise helps too.

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