Who is Your Hero?

As a boy it was Guy Lafleur of the Montreal Canadiens and The Fonz from Happy Days…

But now that I’m older I realize my Dad was the real Hero in my life.

He never drank…never hit my Mom…never cheated…and provided me with a wonderful upbringing filled with the love for Sports, Current Events, Politics,…etc.

I’m trying hard to model myself after him, but those are really big shoes to fill.

So who is YOUR Hero, and why?


I think my Dad kinda blames himself for my Schizophrenia which makes me blue. I told him it wasn’t anybody’s fault…that I was the luckiest guy in the World having him for a Father.

Not sure if that helped, but I needed to tell him that just the same.


Also my dad. He was harsh when I was a kid, and we were scared of him. But, he was working three jobs to support his wife and seven children, and going to law school when I was little.
It wasn’t until I was an adult, though, that his super-hero status came to be. I was in an abusive marriage when my son was born. My, then, husband went into a rage regularly. One night he beat me up pretty bad. After he left and the police left…I called my parents to tell them I was ready to leave. They were about 800 miles away and it was getting late at night but somehow my dad got a hold of a UHaul truck and started driving. He was there by the morning! He loaded some of my things up the next day and we drove all the way back to my parent’s house where I was allowed to live/raise my son for the next 18 years.
My dad is Superman.


I didn’t realise this until after his death but my dad is my hero. He knew how to read Braille, he was told once by a dr when he came to this country that he is better off not working. But he found a job in the government sector , campaigned voluntarily for rights of disabled people. Yes he spoiled me a lot of people say that. That’s why now I’m having to actually think about how to spend money and god knows how he got through paperwork single handedly. Me Mum and bro struggle to do it as a team.



WoW! What a great Dad!! Thanks for sharing! :smile:

I think I read that the one day the Phone Companies make the most money during the year is Father’s Day. I suppose it’s all of the Daddy’s Little Girls of the World phoning home ‘collect’ to talk to their Dads.


When I was little I idolised my step father. And I still do. I remember asking him a series of questions when I was following him around while he was building a garden bed. I asked him whether he was afraid of fire and he said no and I thought he was the bees knees!


I forgot to say, My step dad, who I call Dad, is a volunteer fire fighter now that he is retired. I have a phot of him from a newspaper in his fire gear fighting a fire at a pub. I got him a coffee mug for christmas last year that says My Dad My hero.


I just come to say the same…
My father is my hero!
After all things that happen to him, and all the problems that I have given to him, he never lost his smile and neither his sense of humour!

I LOVE HIM!! :heart:


(sniff) (honk) (hakkaf!!)…

This thread is getting me all choked up! :sunny:


My Mother is my hero. One of my sisters was born with spinabifida (sorry I don’t know to spell that). My Mom helped formed an organization to give emotional support to other parents with disabled children shortly after my sister was born.

I’ve witnessed her raise all of us with great values.

She has stuck with me through thick and thin. She has a great heart and a great sense of humor. She’s the strongest person I know.

Love ya Madre :heart:

PS - She just ordered me a Ramones shirt. How cool is that?!


The guy who was my best friend A was my hero in a way even though he had his moments n let his friend call me ugly with hateful tone.

My bf is in a way too although he let his friends n parents attack me with invisible weapons and did not protect me or tell them to stop.
I think it’s more difficult for me who is socially awkward n goes mute n I can only say something spiritually n do self defence spiritually but I lost respect for all of them attacking a un armed woman in provoked probably cause they are jealous of me.
I do not think well of them and I don’t respect people that treat me that way specially not cause I’m really nice n peaceful person.

My mum n the other mum or woman who raised me were amazing in many ways.
My mum was alone with me n seemed to have great difficulties n drove for hours in car :red_car: with no heating in winter to work.
She had hate for me in those days n psych ish moments where I truly think she wanted to kill me despite me adoring her.
Her passion bf broke up with her cause of me n after that she changed I think.

My grandmother has some cool qualities but I said A was a bit of a hero to me cause he was kind n took care of me n tought me how to jog and was generous n bought me :pizza: pizza etc .

My bf cuddles me so great n tells me he loves me.
I adore him n probably want to propose to him when/if my tits get bigger for him.
He is actually a volunteer fire fighter so he really is a hero.
Very brave n great of him.:two_hearts:
He says he is not afraid of it though.

I dreamt of woman pretending to be my heros but in reality they were hiding me away from a man they wanted so they were pretending n making up stories.

I don’t know if I have a hero.
I never thought about it but there’s people who may of saved me with their existence n just being nice to me or even a bit horrid like Ma.lol

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My neigher(horse).:two_hearts::gift_heart::heart:

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Some dogs :dog: too.

Maybe My food n others too.

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My Dad is my hero. He can take any situation and make it happy. He just smiles and gives a wink while he’s doing something for someone.

Also the guy Aron Ra from YouTube is my other hero for reintroducing the concept that everyone is wrong to some degree about everything. He is probably my hero as an athiest and my Dad a hero as a kind, loving, and generous person.

Maybe in a way every one can be s hero to someone in some way.

Farmers,packers,etc but even people who don’t work just by existing…

It could be a post written or a smile given or wearing something or buying something etc
It could indirectly or directly help someone to do good , not commit suicide, etc

Darned if I know!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart_eyes::ghost:

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N think of retards n disabled who make care workers feel good n give them a income etc
They heros too in different ways.

(slowly Moonwalks away…avoiding eye contact…)

I have good parents, but I don’t believe in heroes.
Everyone lives the way they live and that’s it.
The traits that I LIKE though( I wouldn’t call those possessing them heroes) are-
1 - being diligent
2- being confident
3- being active in life
4 - respecting other people, their freedom and bodies and choices
5 - being kind to people
6 - avoiding any form of abuse or harassment or bullying of other people
7- being nonviolent
8- trying to get the most out of life
9- being sociable and having friends.
10- having hobbies.
11- doing the best to be physically fit
12- fighting for good health in general, like maintaining a perfectly healthy diet.

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Dan Gable, probably the best amateur wrestler the U.S. has ever produced. He dominated the international competition in the 1972 Olympics the same way he dominated the college wrestlers when he was at Iowa State. No one scored a point on him. For someone to dominate international competition like that is really something. We have wrestlers who won more Olympic medals, but no one has ever dominated an Olympic competition like Gable did. When he became head coach at Iowa his teams were as dominant as he was when he wrestled. I think Iowa won 23 national championships out of 28 possible.

I don’t know any of your dads or moms sorry… so here are my heroes

George burns…may have been the original tv fourth wall destroyer
nikoli tesla…god of lightning
sun tsu…taught me when to use ninjas
confucios… genius
budha… the one
odin… all father
death…master of all
loki…hilarious trickster
bugs bunny…hilarious trickster
dead pool…see above
a few Egyptian leaders both male and female… the ones who stood up for peace love and the arts and ultimately died and were mostly erased from the history…
various Vikings men and women… don’t mess with the battle born…
musashi … undefeated master of the sword…one of the few to die of old age…
the Viking queen…
ragnar and his son ivar the boneless both have been gifted mythical stories so cant really cant them among the various veekings …they almost have god like status… ivar was carried into battle on a shield due to his deformity and still managed to march on paris…
Gandalf… wise wizard…even though he could have just called the eagles when he learned Bilbo had the one ring and have them take him directly to the mountain to throw it in the volcano…
zakk wylde…
the plumed snake… the sun lord
the morning star… heralds in the sun announcing to the world the darkness is almost over…
meatwad… he is always happy
the vampire queen from adventure time… you can break the cycle
the current dhali lama… refuses to give up despite all odds and despite it all is one of the most happy people
dethklok… the used metal to summon a lake troll…what else do you need
the last of the high priests of Egypt… rip
Abraham Lincoln the vampire slayer… some say he still hunts his quarry deep into the night…to this day…because he is a vampire too spoiler alert…
the count… ive never met anyone so happy about counting
Yoshi… despite Mario treating him like crap his clan has protected and helped Mario free the mushroom kingdom since well Mario was born…
and this is why I take my meds…

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