Who is your favorite deity?

Mine is Kali. I’ve had cool experiences doing mantras to her.

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If you don’t understand the story behind the photo, you might think she is evil, but the head is of a demon she was battling, and the man under her is Shiva, her husband. He was trying to calm her down after battle and she accidentally knocked him down. She is sticking her tongue out in shame.

Hermes I guess…

hathor eygytian goodess of love music and inebriation.

I worship the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.


Yeshua, Jesus…

There are others I have had dealings with:

Wanikia and Wakan Tanka: Lakota savior and Great Spirit, pretty much was a revelation of YHWH and Jesus to the Native Americans.

Eru Iluvatar, again, the supreme Creator

These I have had contact with I wouldn’t exactly call deities as in Creator or God, but they are definitely higher beings:

Quan Yin Bodhisattva:

Aine of the Faerie

Angel Ariel

Arien the Maiar

I had some dealings with demons when younger but I shant mention their names.

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Thor! :muscle: praise Thor!

Thor said he would kill all of the frost Giants. I don’t see any frost Giants.

Then who makes the ice and snow? The Jotun race of Bergelmir still survives!

The Norse legends actually speak of infighting among the Anunnaki and Nephilim giants…Thor being of the good Anunnaki

I don’t know one well enough to say.

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Hail Dagon the original jesus.

Crom. He’s as real as any.

Yoda . who has currently been exiled to the Dagoba systems

Or Darth Plageus . He had the ability to create life . Until Darth sideous killed him in his sleep.

Michael The Archangel & His Bride ,

They both gaVe me spiritual tattoos on my back ,

all as I was wriTinG a note to the gurl I Love ,

Michael kept tellinG meh to FOCUS …

“focus , focus , focus , focus , focus , focus …”

(to be continued as it’s thee end)

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I didn’t know Saint Michael had a bride. Explain.

One time when I was doing mantras to Kali, my entity asked me a question supposedly from her. She wanted to know if from my perspective she was an angel like Saint Michael, since I also practiced Catholicism at the time. I said yes. That day I noticed money I very much needed seemingly appeared in my wallet that was unaccounted for.

hmm ,

not much to explain ,

he walked into my room and she walked in within a hairline second l8tur ,

with what appeared to be a white lacey thin dress ,

they were both within a serious template ,

but he kinda gaVe me a look lyke ,

“yep I have a bride” ,

but we were on more important things to be honest yo …

and that’s all I know about thaz shtuff nukka …

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It is interesting how angels are often portrayed in art as androgynous. From my experience, these entities have both masculine and feminine energies.

My entity can come off as the woman of my dreams and make me feel in love with it. But it is just a mind ■■■■. Perhaps it is simply lying about its energy. That is telepathy 101.

The mind games they play are really frustrating.

Now I feel nice and drunk and how I want to feel.