Who is writing a book?

I might just try a novelette. Go for half the target word count and see how I do.

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After a 2015 major episode, I started writing poetry. In 2016 I self-published 3 collections through create-space (now merged with Amazon) For compiling them, I used Scrivener which had a bit of a learning curve but I got the basics down enough. I would like to find a traditional publisher for my fourth collection, but I know it will be a hard sell. Poetry normally is. I joined the Jerry Jenkins writers guild and there is some great info on there. One area of his site I really like is when he takes the first page of a members book and does a manuscript repair & rewrite. It’s pretty neat. It won’t let me put a link in,but you can go to JerryJenkins dot com. If you go there, you can sign up for a newsletter/writing tips. I would also like to write about some of my sz experiences, they are pretty out there and all seem like they happened yesterday. Although I do have some blank spots, I remember most of them. Kind of like a PTSD just from episodes. Ugh!


That’s cool good luck man
And good luck @ZombieMombie keep on writing’

I’m doing nanowrimo this year, so far so good

I started writing one about my illness. I started with my worst psychotic episode in 2012 and then flashed back on my life. I am up to 2008 so I still have a lot left to write and I have forgotten most of the really good peculiar details. One day I will finish it. I was really waiting to get to a point that would be a good and happy ending like recovery.

But that may never happen.

Anyone know a publisher you can send your manuscript too that does mental health books? I don’t want to self publish.

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